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Not necessarily, you are always wearing a buoyancy aid, which will keep you afloat should you enter the water. But if you have a strong fear of getting your face wet you will probably find it hard to relax.
You need swimming togs, towel and footwear such as booties or an old pair of runners which you don’t mind getting wet. If the day is sunny, you will be more comfortable if you bring a bottle of water, a sun hat or sun glasses (string attached), sun screen. If the day is cool, you will be more comfortable if you bring a light fleece or thermal top and a woolly hat.
The rental price includes the kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, helmet (for under 16’s) and wetsuit. The tour prices cover all of the above, plus transport and instructors.
Only if booking 3 or more Kayaks. We take 20% of your total. This deposit is totally refundable if the weather conditions are unsafe and we can’t put you onto the water.
For rental we suggest a minimum age of 10 to kayak in their own kayak. We have double kayaks as well which are suitable for an adult and two younger children, or two adults. We have had children as young as 7 paddling in their own kayak, but it depends on their size, strength and determination. For our tours you need to be 16 and over. However we have double kayaks as well and if you have a child who you think can manage then we will be happy to discuss that with you. We have tours for all age ranges and we will tell you which is the most appropriate for you. A certain fitness and health level is needed for all. There is no upper age limit for rental. If you are under 16 you must be accompanied on the water by an adult. For rental this means one of your party must be over 16 or you will have to book to have an instructor with you.

We get very booked up at weekends. Best to book by phone. Tel: +353 (0) 858 313 400

If we have to cancel due to bad weather conditions I will let you know within 48 hours so keep an eye trip calendar on Time-Off.ie all the time If trip was cancelled we will reschedule for next available trip or we will refind your deposit.
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