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River Basic Sit on Top Kayaking skills

Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018 - 11:00am

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Basic Sit on Top kayaking skills

“Extreme time off” paddling course is comprehensive 2 hours essential coverage of skills and theory for paddling day trips in calm water. Perfect basics, if you want to learn to kayak safely.

We start with basic kayak theory and personal rescue skills at the shore and get ready to paddle and apply the techniques we talked about on water.

Our aim is to teach how to paddle efficiently and safely, in order to do so we use “sit-on-top” kayaks in calm and shallow waters.

General aims

The Sit-on-Top Flat Water Skills Award aims to enable participants to:

1. Paddle safely and competently on a Sit-on-Top on sheltered flat water as a member of a group

2. Assist in basic flat water rescues.


Participant must successfully demonstrate the following techniques and skills

1. An understanding of the Basic Safety Rules of canoeing.

2. An understanding of the correct use of Sit-on-Top back rests and paddles

3. Ability to mount and dismount a Sit-on-Top kayak correctly from the bank.

4. Forward Paddle, Reverse Paddle, and Stop.

5. An ability to turn while stationary using Forward Sweep Stroke, Reverse Sweep Stroke and a combination of Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes.

6. Simple Draw Stroke.

7. A water based Capsize Drill and dismount from the Sit-on-Top

8. Self-rescue following a capsize drill; including righting the Sit-on-Top and completing a water based remount.

Essentials for Sit-on-Top Flat Water Skills Awards

Safety Rules of Canoeing

You must be able to swim.

You must always wear a CE approved buoyancy aid.

You must always ensure that the Sit-on-Top has adequate buoyancy.

You must never canoe alone.

Mount and Dismount

Mount and dismount with or without the use of a paddle is acceptable, depending on what is most appropriate to the situation.

Forward Paddling

Some directional instability is allowed for. This should not include complete loss of forward movement or continuous veering from side to side, aiming for a point/gap as a task.

Reverse Paddling

Some directional instability is allowed for. This should not include complete loss of reverse movement or continuous veering from side to side. A wider stroke than that used for forward paddling is permissible.


Stopping should occur in a straight line allowing some leeway, but not veering from side to side. Ability to stop should be demonstrated while paddling forward and in reverse.

Forward Sweep Stroke

There should be full arm extension. The sweep should be initiated at the front of the Sit-on-Top and continued to stern with trunk rotation evident.

Reverse Sweep Stroke

Trunk rotation to place paddle in the water at stern should be evident. There should be continuous sweep to the front of the Sit-on-Top as the trunk unwinds. There should be full arm extension throughout.

Draw Stroke

The paddle should remain in the water throughout. Some slight bow or stern swing is acceptable. An ability to maintain the paddle shaft vertical should be evident. Some body rotation towards the paddling side should be evident.

Capsize Drill

The water based capsize and dismount from the Sit-on-Top should be carried out in water of sufficient depth adjacent to the shore/bank. This should be followed by a self-rescue, righting the overturned Sit-on-Top and mounting it from one of the extremities (horse style). The paddle should be retained. The instructor may help in capsizing the Sit-on-Top.

About the instructor

Victor is a kayak instructor with experience in Portugal and Hungary, teaching in summer camps for adults and kids since 2016 with patience, professionalism and great communication skills.

What you need to bring

- €35 fee (or €30 if you have paid the deposit of 5€)

- Swim wear (put on under the wetsuit)

- Sports wear and trainers

- Towel

- Change of clothes

- Bottle of water

To secure your RSVP a €5 non-refundable deposit needs to be made via PAYPAL:, the remaining €30 are to be paid in cash on the day.

If you have any inquiries please to contact me 083 898 0169

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