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Kayaking and canoeing for Corporate Groups

With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, we are so looking forward to getting back out on the water.

At Extreme Time Off, we offer a wide variety of team building activities to corporate groups, with one such activity being our Grand Canal Kayaking and Canoeing Tour. So, to find out more about kayaking for corporate groups, take a look below!

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It is common knowledge that happy employees are the most productive and happiness should be at the core of your company culture. We have found that a great way of ensuring that your employees are happy is by rewarding them with a fun day out, and where better than out in the middle of heart of Dublin on Grand Canal Portobello.

Proven to be very popular with corporate groups, our kayak tour incorporates incredible sights, fresh air, exercise, team bonding, some healthy competition and, of course, fun. Our experienced and qualified staff at Extreme Time off will guide you and your team right through the heart of Dublin city center, soaking up the famous sites and fascinating history.

Over the 10 years in operation, we have noticed how much of a success kayaking can be with corporate groups. It brings together all levels within a company, from the CEO to the entry level graduate, to combine their efforts and put their full trust in one another. Using the Grand Canal Portobello for a team building activity really brings people out of their comfort zone, and encourages them to use alternative methods of communicating to achieve their common goal in the team building skills that will stand to them well back at the office.

These tours usually take approx. 2 hours, and don’t require you to have any kayaking experience nor the ability to swim. We have all the equipment you need; all we ask is that you bring your swimming togs, a spare pair of runners to wear in the kayak and a towel. We are providing after session hot tea or coffee and biscuits in local pub.

Corporate Groups

For the group of up to 12 people price would be €399.99

For larger groups please conntact us directly.

We make the logistics easy so you and your team can concentrate on having fun. Our tours are suitable for complete beginners and we provide all of the gear and equipment.

For more information or to book your corporate kayak tour, contact us anytime.

Phone: 0830 575 600 /