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Killiney beach to Dalkey Island Sea Kayaking (COVID-19 Update)

Date: Saturday, 25 September 2021 - 2:30pm

5 going 10 places left


Following government guidelines and restrictions we intend to resume kayaking trips. Our group sizes are restricted due to COVID19 situation to 15 people per session, only people from same household will be sat together in 1 double kayak, otherwise you will be using kayak on your own. Equipment cleaned with antibacterial solution and sanitiser after each use, there will be no changing facilities available until further notice. We will provide wetsuits/boots and gloves for single use only, which have been laundered and sanitised. Strict 2 meter social distance will apply at all times. It is your own responsibility to follow guidelines in regards to traveling distance restrictions from your own home.

Sea kayaking trip to Dalkey Island.
1.About the Trip
Come and join us for a fun Kayaking trip to Dalkey Island from Killiney Beach.
We Kayak along the coastline from Killiney beach towards the Sorrento Terrace. From there we cross Dalkey Sound,a strip of water between Dalkey and the Island. We usually see plenty of cormerants, sea gulls and other sea birds on the island, but probably the most famous wild life we will see is a herd of wild goats that have lived on the island for over 100 years. These along with plenty of rabbits and hopefully some seals offer opportunities for some unusual photos. 
We do take some photos during the trip which we will upload to the webpage after the trip.
This kayaking session is suitable for the beginners, but all of you have to be 18 years of age and over and must know how to swim.  
sea kayaking in dublin
2. History


 Dalkey Island has an incredibly chequered history for a place that is so small.  The church on the island is dedicated to Saint Begnet, it dates back to the eleventh century. The fireplace in it is from the time of the fort on the island  and Martello tower.  The original windows in the church are arranged in a very strange way and it’s thought that it relates to the keeping of a solar calendar. Behind the church is a curious stone, marked with a cross. It’s thought that this stone may have been a very ancient pagan stone that has been ‘Christianized’. It has evidence of having a carved circle on it but sadly it is now weathered so much that it is difficult to make out the shapes on it.
The Vikings are supposed to have raided the Christian settlement on the island and the island was put to use as a storage point for slaves. The surrounding tides and currents are extremely dangerous and anyone trying to swim the short distance to the shore of Dalkey would need to be a very strong swimmer indeed in order to make it there alive.
On the south end of the island is a well preserved fort with three remaining canon battlements and a Martello tower erected to counter the threat of invasion from Napoleonic France.
3. We Will Provide:


- all the equipment and sit on top kayaks, life jackets
- wetsuit 3mm, spay top, water boots 3mm, gloves 3mm
- full safety instruction, instructors all the time during trip
- we will make your pictures, you can download after session any time for free
- changing facilities (not available in moment)
- place to keep your belongings (not available in moment)
- free water, tea, coffee and snacks (not available in moment)

sea kayaking in dublin

4. What you need to bring
- €120 fee (or €115 if you have paid the deposit of 5€)- Swim wear
- Sports wear and trainers
- Towel
- Change of Clothes
- Bottle of water

sea kayaking in dublin

5. Payment:
You will have to pay a deposit of 5 euros (non-refundable if you don’t show up and refundable in case we have to cancel kayaking trip due to bad weather.

To secure your RSVP a €5 non-refundable deposit (the remaining €115 to be paid in cash on the day) needs to be made via PAYPAL:

sea kayaking in dublin

6. Directions:
If you are not driving then you can take the dart from City Centre to Killiney dart station. Once you come out from Dart station you will see car parking and look for the white van with the name EXTREME TIME-OFF written on it. If anybody is coming by car there are loads of parking spaces for only 30 cents per hour.


7. Cancellation policy:
- For this kayaking trip to go ahead there must be at least group of 8 people.
- If we have to cancel due to bad weather conditions I will let you know within 48 hours so keep an eye on all the time.
- If trip was cancelled we will reschedule for next available trip or we will refind your deposit.
If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me here or at 0858 313 400 (SMS, WhatsApp)

Please note that on the day of the trip for all the questions regarding directions etc. you should contact the organiser 0858 313 400

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